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Femme Dreamboat: Femme Privilege Does Not Exist →
femmedreamboat: by Cyree Jarelle Johnson I’m (not) sorry to inform you that femme privilege does not exist. Not in the queer community. Not in the world at large. Does. Not. Exist. In fact, the very idea of inherent “femme privilege” is rooted in misguided misogyny. It operates under the erroneous idea that…
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“What if we gendered people according to their behavior? What if gender shifted...”
– J. Jack Halberstam “Gaga Feminism for Beginners”
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Femme Gift Guide 2012
[[MORE]]Earrings from Catbird: Lula Magazine: Perfume Samples Hair Powder: Argan Oil Cuticle Cream  The Loved One Lingerie: Hopeless Lingerie: Wild Unknown Tarot Deck: Tarot Deck Candle You are Nothing Without Feminist Art Tote Bag Record Player: Femmedagger Zine Book of Ellen Rogers Photography: Benefit Gift Set: Luxury Jones for Urban Outfitters: Wolford...
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afterellen: Two queer chicks are making a film about a very interesting person.
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Perfume →
I am so grateful to inspiring femme Wendy (The Smell of Everything) for introducing me to this site Surrender to Chance! You can get rare, vintage, and unique fragrances in a variety of trial sizes. I have been venturing out from my standards (Quelques Fleurs, Tom Ford) and really enjoying it! I love violet and jasmine as well as powdery scents that aren’t too sweet. These tiny tinctures...
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Huffington Post: Transgender Artists You Should... →
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“There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue...”
– Audre Lorde
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Are feminists winning the culture war? →
jessicavalenti: “The successes that dominate the mainstream narrative on feminism largely center on the most privileged of American women, even when the consequences affect the most marginalized. And while symbolic successes are important, it’s more crucial that feminist actions make a difference in real women’s lives.” 
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Cultural Appropriation: A Fashion Primer →
“Consider the 3 S’s: source, significance (or sacredness), and similarity. Has the source community either tacitly or directly invited you to share this particular bit of its culture, and does the community as a whole have a history of harmful exploitation? What’s the cultural significance of the item — is it just an everyday object or image, or is it a religious artifact...
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“This is the best thing to wear for today, you understand. Because I don’t...”
– Edith ‘Little Edie’ Bouvier Beale
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Decolonize your identity: Dear gay white men. . . →
queeranarchistfeminist: Stop bombarding us with messages of hope through marriage equality and equal opportunity to participate in state terrorism in the middle east. All the benefits of marriage should be accessible to everyone and not just monogamous gay couples. By shifting the privileged nature of marriage to same…
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Portrait of an Asian American Femme-inist.
Celeste Chan is co-founder of Queer Rebels, a local production company focused on queer of color artistic histories. For those of you who’ll be in New York on Nov. 14, Queer Rebels is presenting “Exploding Lineage,” a program of queer of color experimental films at the 25th MIX NYC Fest. 
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"Femme Theory": Queer+ Aesthetics+ Culture: Born... →
femmetheory: “We tell ourselves stories in order to live” Joan Didion I recently attended a reading/lecture by writer Thomas Mcbee at the University of Chicago. Mcbee began by explaining his desire to create alternative narratives of transgender experience in the media as an editor and a writer of…
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“omg shade realness twerk ratchet guuuuuurl lets have a kiki”
– - white ppl who have seen 3 episodes of ru paul’s drag race (via maisonmartinmargielous) Yes. This.
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